Factor My Company

Factormycompany.com is committed to provide your company or business in any specialty or service, new or established, a financial solution to provide capital funds to improve your cash flow through the financial process of factoring.

You can access this cash funding almost immediately by utilizing the value of your accounts receivable as collateral. We advance the value of your invoices while you are waiting to be paid those 30, 60, or 90 days.

This capital will enable any business or company to increase their sales, purchase materials, equipment, inventory, or supplies, expand or negotiate trade or vendor discounts, hire more employees, increase your marketing budget, or just secure your financial management. Working capital is vital for any business and is the life line for growth and success. Through factoring with us you capitalize by using your own funds, not from a bank loan that adds to your debt.

Contact us now! We will quickly respond. As soon as we receive your application or email or phone call our Account Manager experienced in funding cash from your receivables will easily guide you through our quick and simple qualifying process. Our financial managers will personally review our low fees for cost of services based on your specific accounts, with no minimum or maximum amounts to fund.

No hidden or upfront fees. Upon your quick approval, you will maintain 24/7 access to your companies account with us. You can then count on us, as you will continue to receive 100% support from us as an established customer. Factormycompany.com’s # 1 Goal is to be your resource for working capital. We anticipate a long term partnership with you, so your business can maintain financial security.